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About Ficarro Farms

The garden gives hint of a place somewhere between heaven and earth

Starting with a single raised garden bed in a suburban neighborhood backyard, our family garden quickly became a maze of vegetables, herbs, and flowers that brought pleasure to the pallet, body and heart.

Of course, every garden needs nourishment, so it wasn’t long before our passion for all things related to decomposition blossomed, resulting in multiple compost piles, five red wiggler bins, four meal worm colonies, two black soldier fly containers, and numerous “experimental” areas such as isopod roly poly farms, and even two Dubai roach farms, all with zero chemicals ever added – with the environment and the critters health in mind.

Of course, our gardens are meant for enjoyment, so I have special features and sitting areas throughout. Each area was designed with something in mind and everything has a purpose. There is a meditation area, a full sun area, a place to have a picnic, even an art gallery (yup, an art gallery – I don’t mess around).

We sincerely hope to have you along the way as we grow, and provide organically raised, and made products in the USA. And as always we promise to be organic, pesticide-free, chemical-free, and toxin-free, with environment and customer in mind first. Our live isopods for sale, are the very best on the market, raised with your animals health in mind, organically.

Don’t forget to visit us on Amazon, eBay or on any social media, just give Ficarro Farms a search and don’t be afraid to get in contact with us we love hearing from our customers! Although remember total prices are always lowest here on Ficarro Farms as we pass down the money saved from lack of fees to you, our customer, thank you so much for any support you give our family farm!

Whether its worm farming tips, vermicomposting, composting, or really anything, ask us using our contact us page even if you’d just like to say hello! We have an on staff biologist 24/7, and we are happy answering any questions you have!

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Live Isopods For Sale, Red Wigglers, And Organic Products, Made and Grown in the USA.