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Shipping Policies

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Live Isopods For Sale, Red Wigglers, And Organic Products, Made and Grown in the USA.
Shipping Times And Type – Here at Ficarro Farms, we want you to get your product as soon as possible, which means a 1-2 business day handling period with a 2-6 day (unless otherwise stated) delivery time. We will email you a tracking code as soon as your purchase is ready to go. Make sure to check it often to make sure your critters arrive safely. Most orders are shipped using first class USPS. Some larger orders are shipped VIA priority mail, this will be stated and will be 1-3 day delivery time.
Shipping Prices – Shipping prices are flat and we have three total, one for small orders, one for medium orders, and one for large orders. Small orders are 4.99 flat, medium orders are 6.99 flat, and large orders are up to 9.99 flat. Occasionally we have offers, so this is of course unless stated otherwise, remember coupon codes can be applied at checkout. All products, and orders by the end of 2021 will have free shipping.
Live Shipping Guarantee – We guarantee live shipping straight to your door, year-round. This includes every state excluding all territories, and Hawaii, if you have any issues what so ever we will work with you to get a replacement, we are here for you just use our contact us form!
Our Ficarro Farms Promise – We started our small family farm with the dream of providing necessary organic products nationwide, after seeing others selling false species, mislabeled organics, bad products, fakes, false amounts, and low counts we decided to fix the problem at its root. And by that I mean by providing a great product, with fast service, great customer service, no false information, and always organic, that means when you need us we are here, while always following our promises.
Our Live Critter Options So Far – Our live critters currently available are Red wiggler worms, European nightcrawlers, African nightcrawlers, Canadian nightcrawlers, Dubai roaches, Earwigs, Darkling Mealworm beetles, Roly Poly Isopods, Sowbug Isopods, Mealworms, non-invasive clean feeder cockroaches, and many others. We plan to grow so this is constantly changing, but we promise everything is organically raised or made with the environment in mind.
How To Contact Us – Have a question, concern, or some feedback? You can contact us directly on our site here, expect a response within a day, and usually within hours, click here to return to the storefront.