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Ficarro Farms Organic Specialty Pet Foods – Perfection for all of your pets

Rough earth snake

We’ve been getting questions such as “what do I feed my critters?”; “Is my critters diet varied enough?”; and even “How often should I feed my critters?”; well we’ve come up with a solution. We are now testing, and working on various critter specialty foods, such as perfected isopod food, springtail food, and even premium snail food. Every one of our products will be rigorously tested, and proven to work for each critter, even when no other foods are provided, each product is also guaranteed to be sterile and safe for your pets, as well as organic. Many other companies sell similar products, except with reviews such as “My isopods preferred raw food and wouldn’t eat this often.” this is truly what sets us apart from the competition, our pet foods are guaranteed to be loved by any critters you may have, whilst providing them with what they need to survive and thrive. Below we will showcase the benefits of using our specialty formulated pet foods, whether it’s for your beloved snail, to give your reptiles a tastier healthier treat, or to simply make your life easier.

Why choose Ficarro Farms for your pet’s organic food? – At our small family farm we test, authenticate, and specially formulate each food item we hand make here in Texas, we then go through a quality check before shipping off any product. This protects you, your animals, reptiles, and insects. We also make sure every product is organic, and organically made – with love.

What makes your products better than those other companies? – For one by supporting us, you are not only supporting a small business, but also a small family farm. But what really sets us apart is our specialty foods themselves – our foods are guaranteed to be loved by your critters, organic, specialized, and hand made at our small farm here in Texas.

What types of food will you offer and when? – Although we won’t be releasing all of our specially made foods at once, we will be releasing them steadily over 2021, we be offering isopod food, snail food, springtail food, carnivorous snail food, worm food, and mealworm food. Plus as we perfect and test more pet foods, we will release them as soon as we know they work amazing for your critter, safely and healthily.

Will your specialty food be affordable? – Of course! In fact, our foods are meant to last, more so than the competition. For reference Joshes Frogs only offers 4OZ bottles of isopod/springtail food, we will offer various sizes, and our smallest size will be 5oz. We never suggest buying food meant for multiple critters such as the product mentioned above, no diet can match more than one animal, at least not perfectly, and everything should be perfect when it comes to your critters – remember they’re your pets, why feed them gross possibly unhealthy gruel?

Ficarro Farms Organic Isopod Food (as well as any other one of our specialty foods) is guaranteed to have every macro-nutrient, trace mineral, and meet each food requirement for each critter designed for. Every pet food product we have is guaranteed to be loved and enjoyed by the critter it’s made for. Our products have years of research put into them, and meet every critters requirement for a healthy happy life.

We hope to see you over the new year try out our specialized pet foods, remember no other brand offers organically made pet food. And organic is a must when it comes to critters, no one wants to eat heavy metals so why force it on your pets?

Have a great new year, a fantastic day, and thank you for supporting our little family farm, don’t forget to spread the word – let’s make every pet animal, critter, and insect healthy and happy!

– With love, from all of us here at Ficarro Farms

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