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20 – Live Organically Raised Mealworm Darkling Beetles (Colony Starter) – Ficarro Farms


25 – Organically Raised Mealworm/Darkling Beetles, the beetle stage of a mealworm’s life is it’s prime mating time, each adult can lay 100’s of eggs each, within a few months watch as these 25 beetles produce a thriving mealworm colony. Mealworms can be used for a variety of things, but their main and best use is as feeders, almost every reptile thrives on mealworms, but why waste money buying them every time you need them when you can raise your own for 1/3rd of the cost, we always suggest starting your new colony of any insect from a reputable organic dealer. Click here for the larval version of mealworms, a better food source.

20 – Organically Raised Live Mealworm Darkling Beetles – Also known as Tenebrio molitor our beetles were raised in a healthy vitamin-rich environment, meaning when you get them they won’t be half-dead like the ones at the store or with the many unreputable dealers, ours will be young healthy vigorous breeders – great as a colony starter and within months you’ll have an unlimited supply of mealworm larvae for all your feeder needs whether it be a turtle, reptile, or even a lizard everything loves mealworms – plus they are healthy!

Our Tenebrio molitor live mealworm beetles come with a live guarantee, what that means is if you have any issues with delivery just use the contact us page, and we’ll fix it for you – remember we aren’t happy until you are. Check out our site for more info, in-depth care articles, and to ask us anything.

Thank you so much for supporting our small family farm!



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