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200 – Organically Raised Live Isopods – (Clean Up Crew – Live Premium Feeders) – Armadillidium vulgare – Ficarro Farms

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200 – Organically Raised Live Isopods – Isopods are great for a variety of things, this is our bulk isopod option. Click here for our smaller batch of roly poly isopods. Whether you need isopods for cleaning your critters dirty cage, or for use as premium organic feeders, our isopods are perfect and can be utilized in various ways, in this case, our bulk option allows for a quickly established colony. Our isopods have been grown organically, with filtered water, and food straight from our garden. We never suggest buying isopods from an unreputable source as isopods gather heavy metals from their food sources, buy organic for your pet’s safety. We suggest starting any new insect colony from a reputable dealer to avoid future issues.

200 – Organically Raised Live Isopods – Clean Up Crew, Premium Feeders, Composters, and most important of all truly organic.

Armadillidium vulgare also known as Roly Polys, Roly Pollies, or even as pill bugs these friendly little guys are great for the environment, naturally know to pick up toxic heavy metals from the soil, while that’s good for the Earth, it isn’t good for your pets, reptiles, or even the isopods themselves. To fix this issue we organically raise every one of our isopods with love and care here at our organic family farm Ficarro Farms. Never again will you need to worry about toxic metals, dangerous chemicals, or pesticides potentially hurting your beloved pet. Plus our isopods are fantastic at cleaning up cages, terrariums, and vivariums, they’ll eat everything nasty before you know it, this way your terrarium is safe and sanitary for you, your pets, and any plants. Or if your using them as feeders, you can feel safe knowing our bugs are raised with naturally derived reptile-multivitamins, clean farm-raised veggies, and filtered water – all organic. Not only that but our isopods come with a live delivery guarantee – meaning if you have any issues use the contact us page and we’ll fix it for you because we aren’t happy until you are.

We are one of the ONLY providers of bulk isopods for sale, let us know if you require even larger amounts of Armadillidium vulgares, or our other species, and breeds of rollies.

WARNING – We do NOT recommend obtaining and/or feeding pets wild-caught isopods – isopods absorb and retain toxic harmful heavy toxins and metals making them potentially unsafe for consumption. We recommend ONLY using isopods from organic reputable dealers.

Visit our site for in-depth care articles, tips, plus to get in touch with us using the contact us page, we are happy to answer any questions, concerns, or just to say hello!

Thank you so much for supporting our small family farm!

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1 review for 200 – Organically Raised Live Isopods – (Clean Up Crew – Live Premium Feeders) – Armadillidium vulgare – Ficarro Farms

  1. Lucas

    I’ve purchased several of these isopods, in various sizes, from Ficarro Farms. I live in South Florida, yet no matter the weather, they have always arrived alive and I’ve always received at least as many as actually ordered (yes, I do count). The little moist paper inside the container seems to do wonders for nourishing the isopods and keeping them alive. I come back time and time again to order these guys and I’m never disappointed.

    • Luke Ficarro

      We really appreciate your review, let us know if you ever have any issues or questions, and thank you so much for supporting our small family farm! – Luke Ficarro

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