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55 – Organically Raised Live Mealworms (Premium Feeders) – Ficarro Farms


55 – Organically Raised Mealworms, our mealworms have been raised with your reptile/pet in mind, each of our colonies is doused with multivitamins, fed organic fruits/veggies straight from our garden, and hydrated with filtered water. Mealworms are perfect feeders for most animals, especially our organically raised mealworms. You’ll find that your pet will fall in love with our mealworms. We always suggest starting your new colony of any insect from a reputable organic dealer. Each order includes a live delivery guarantee. Click here for the adult beetle version of mealworms as a better colony starter.

55– Organically Raised Live Mealworms – These mealworms were raised with care as well as doused weekly with a premium organic (safe amount) of reptile-multivitamins for your pet’s best health. You never know what’s in the mealworms at the store, or from random unreputable dealers – with us you do, we promise organic, healthy, live mealworms. Also known as Tenebrio molitor these live invertebrates are easy to take care of, and make fantastic feeders – plus with us, we guarantee live shipping meaning if they don’t arrive alive we’ll fix it for you just use the contact us page and let us know the problem.

Don’t get those unhealthy, barely alive mealworms from the store, support your pet’s health with our premium organic feeder mealworms delivered straight to your house. Check out our site for more info, and in-depth care articles.

Thank you so much for supporting our small family farm!



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