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Raised Garden Beds And How To Do it

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Getting Started –

All you need to get started is 4 wood pieces (preferably un-treated) that fit the shape of the garden you want, it’s extremely flexible it just needs to hold dirt. Nail those suckers together into a square and lay it wherever you plan on gardening, fill with your choice of soil or compost before planting, and you have a brand new garden paradise in your backyard, you’ve just made your first raised garden bed!

Using the garden bed as a composter pre-garden to reduce dirt usage –

Fill your new raised bed with all the biodegradable trash you can find, leave a few inches of space on the top, after you’ve done that cover the last few inches with dirt, or completed compost (or worm castings). This allows any beneficial creatures/bacteria to have access to all the bio-matter so they can turn it into valuable dirt for your garden as quickly as possible, remember those same composting bacteria (and critters) can’t do much with the sun hitting them.

After 2-6 months (depending on what materials are used), your garden should be safe to plant in, you’ll know it’s ready when it smells like a forest and has few visible trash scraps. Too much decomposition in a garden bed reduces the nitrogen uptake of plants.

You now have a beautiful new raised bed, you will eventually have to repeat this process once a year as the soil flattens and becomes hard, and lifeless, when this happens just go ahead and restart the process, perhaps adding a few more in the process!

If you have any questions what so ever leave a comment or use the contact us page!

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