Worm Farming In The Winter

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Worm Farming In The Winter (Cold months ahead) You may have been worrying about, how will my worms do in the winter? Do I need to do anything for them? Or can I just leave them how they are? Well, I’m going to try to explain everything you should do for your red wigglers in the wintertime further down, don’t worry it’s nothing tough I promise, in fact it’s almost the same!

I’m going to start off by saying if your temperature is under 40 degrees move them to a warmer location as soon as possible. If your worms bedding (or especially the worms themselves) freezes they will not survive, I would say this is the most critical thing you should worry about when it comes to winter worm farming. Remember red wigglers are not accustomed to extreme cold or heat. They like the same temperatures we prefer as humans.

When I said to move them somewhere warmer if you moved them inside that’s just perfect, if you already had them inside that’s even more perfect! I go more in-depth into worm farming indoors and why it can be better in a lot of ways here. When indoors you really don’t have much to worry about, as it really minimizes a lot of the risk involved with cold weather. Just remember to make sure your red wiggler worms get plenty of air circulation and oxygen, you also want to always keep their bedding moist (but not soaking wet).

If your red wiggler worms are outside, then don’t worry I still have a few great strategies involved in minimizing the risk to your worms in the wintertime.

Red wiggler worms slow down under 60 degrees temperature, meaning they eat less, meaning your worm food can build up quickly, leading to a dangerous increase in bad acids. These acids are what can make a worm farm smell, and what can lead to a failed worm farm. The acids that are created from rotting foods are too acidic for worms and can and will kill them if concentrated enough. That being said, just give them less food! Don’t give them foods that rot if you expect they won’t or can’t eat it in time, instead give them paper bedding! Paper is made of cellulose and won’t go bad as a vegetable or fruit will, but the worms will love it as bedding and food. The paper bedding will keep them warmer, and provide them with an ample food supply. We have also noticed in our own populations that they prefer paper bedding for egg production. We offer paper bedding suitable for worms here.

Other than that really just using common sense, and by following this as a guideline, I guarantee that your worms will live, and will thrive through the winter months!

And don’t worry when summer comes, you can bet we are going to show you how to properly care for your worms in the heat!

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