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Supporting Our Small Family Farm On Patreon –

Patreon is a tier-based subscription designed to support small businesses, creators, and artists. We’ve decided to start our own Patreon, so if you’d like to support our small family farm we now offer multiple tiers offering great money-saving deals such as free critters, coupons, offers, and shout outs – whether you want to save money on your pet’s diet, or you’d just like to support our small family farm click here for more details.

Thank you so much for even considering it. Essentially you are donating to a small family farm (Ficarro Farms) by contributing to our Patreon or purchasing any of our other services. Items such as isopods for sale, and red wigglers will always be our main sellers, but we are soon to be producing organic Specialty Pet Foods, and more. All made in America, and produced, organically, and sustainably.

Leaving us a review is also a great way to show your appreciation, and help us improve at the same time, whether you purchased your product on Amazon, eBay, or any one of our platforms, feel free to leave a review here on our site.

P.S In the future, our small family farm will be setting up an automatic feeder, delivery service, and subscription. This will work for any of our live isopods for sale or red wigglers/worms, we will be one of the only live insect suppliers with this option so check it out in the next upcoming few months! It’ll save you money and make life easier.

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