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Live Isopods For Sale, Red Wigglers, And Organic Products, Made and Grown in the USA.

I want to answer some questions that you may have been wondering about us, you may have been wondering who are we? What do we do? How can we help you? Well, we are going to answer all of those questions and more down below so keep reading to find out.

Who are you guys?

Hey, we figured you’d ask that, and we understand, well we want to be a trusted source and your go-to guys for organic products. We are Ficarro Farms and here at Ficarro Farms we only use organic products, that are Non-GMO, and green. Not only that but we also blog in two places, here on our website, and on our other blog here, we write in-depth articles as often as we can on both, and you should check out both if you’re bored they have cool stuff you’ll love!

What do you guys do to ensure you’re organic and green?

Well, for one we only use organic products and methods. We use composting and our worm products to keep our gardens beautiful.  Here at Ficarro Farms we care about our products and want them to be as green and organic as possible, for your health. We never use ANY pesticides, or poisons EVER.

Where are you guys based?

We are based in the U.S. right here in south Texas, Corpus Christi to be exact, we have an almost 24/7 growing climate here, and mild temperatures year-round every year. That’s also why we ship and deliver quickly – because we are local and based in America, with all of our products grown, raised, and made in the United States.

Do you guys have anything planned in the near future?

Don’t tell the competition but we are going to do a beef jerky membership soon, all organic beef jerky shipped weekly, and with the option of different flavors that we let you choose (or let us surprise you). As well as a subscription-based live feeder delivery service and all organic specialty pet foods. We are also soon to be found directly on!

What kind of organisms/critters do you offer?

We offer organically raised red wiggler worms, rolly poly isopods, and mealworm/darkling beetles all year long. All our critters eat bedding that is doused with multivitamins and calcium supplements for their health and your pet’s health. We also occasionally, based on our local climate, offer Black Soldier Flys (BSF), again raised organically with love.

What do I do when I get my live critters in the mail?

Make sure they have water first of all! They will be stressed, and dry from the journey to your home. Make sure they are wet to the touch, but not enough to drip. If you have any problems such as DOA, or anything at all with your live critter delivery use the contact us page, and we will get back to you ASAP, don’t fret about it we gotcha covered!

How can I contact you?

If you have ANY problems what so ever, we will ABSOLUTELY help you as soon as we can in fact! Here at Ficarro Farms, we care about you, so contact us on the contact us page, or click here, feel free to click that link and message us for anything, and when I say anything I really mean it, whether you have a complaint, a comment, a review, or just want to share a picture of something cool!

Why should I leave feedback (a review) on your website?

Leaving feedback is the best way to give us encouragement while at the same time helping us improve our products, shipping, labeling, and everything we do. We don’t mind if you leave a review on our site when you purchased our product from a 3rd-party site such as Amazon, eBay, or Walmart, and leaving a review on our site is the best way for us to see your words of encouragement. We do not delete reviews, edit reviews, or offer items in exchange for reviews, every review you see is authentically made by someone just like you whether it’s good or bad.

Thanks for visiting Ficarro Farms, we hope you enjoy your stay, click here to see our in-depth gardening, worm farming, or even isopod farming articles.

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