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35 – Organically Raised Live Red Wiggler Worms – (Composting Worms – Starting Colony) – Eisenia fetida – Ficarro Farms

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35 – Organically raised red wiggler worms, our red wigglers are raised with you and the environment in mind, every worm is fed vegetables straight from our garden. 35 Worms is a great amount to get started off with, the more you purchase starting off the faster your colony will establish itself. We always suggest starting any insect/invertebrate colony from an organic reputable source, check out our bulk option by clicking here.

35 – Live Organic Red Wiggler Worms / Composting Worms

Our Red Wiggler Worms are raised without any added chemicals, filtered water (We use ZERO Pesticides EVER), and a mix of paper and wood chip bedding with vitamin and calcium supplements added for healthier worms. The size of the worms will be random. Includes a random amount of babies and eggs for free no extra cost.

These Red Wiggler Worms can be used for feeding your pets safely and healthily as these worms are fed a healthy diet, they can also be used for fishing, or even to make a colony in your very own backyard or farm they can compost up to 100 percent of their own bodyweight EACH, in a matter of months you won’t have to deal with garbage ever again! You could even release them into your own yard and have them provide to you naturally and easily.

Why waste money buying worms every month, when instead you can buy one time and start your very own colony, produce your own fertilizer, and produce happier bigger veggies, plants, and herbs! Be sure to keep the bedding if you’d like to have extra eggs for a future colony. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Make sure to contact us using the contact us form. When shipped please check your tracking code often, and on the day of delivery waste no time getting the worms or climate may damage them.

These worms were grown and raised by Ficarro Farms, we provide low priced, environmentally friendly ORGANIC products.

Thank you so much for supporting our small family farm!

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1 review for 35 – Organically Raised Live Red Wiggler Worms – (Composting Worms – Starting Colony) – Eisenia fetida – Ficarro Farms

  1. Sarah

    Thank you! They all came healthy and happy!

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